1. Summer Camp Expands Your Child’s Horizons

    Whether your child is six or 16, summer camp is a gift you can give them to help prepare them for the next stage of their lives. And, if you think you can’t afford summer camp, think again. There’s no reason it has to cost an arm and a leg. At Foundations For Learning, our focus is on making sure each and every child has fun, and is exploring and learning, not on squeezing every last penny ou…Read More

  2. Top 5 Children’s Books and Why Reading is Important

    A day care without children’s books would be pretty silly, right? Reading offers children an opportunity to explore other worlds, learn about other kid’s feelings and how they react to things differently, and cultivate their imagination. Can you imagine growing up without books? Neither can we. At Foundations for learning, we are dedicated to providing your children with an education that is …Read More

  3. Keep Your Kids Healthy This Winter

    With winter well underway in Glastonbury, we know this is the time of year we need to protect our kids more than ever, since this is when our children are susceptible to illnesses. At Foundations for Learning, we want to make sure your kids are protected from all the illnesses that roam around and run rampant during the winter time, especially the flu. That is why we require all our kids get the …Read More

  4. Celebrate Valentine’s Day at Our Child Care Center!

    Valentine's Day is a holiday parents and children can celebrate one and the same. If you are the parent, you can spread the love and celebrate your husband, wife, or significant other by doing something special for one another. For your child, they can celebrate by having a special day at our child care in Glastonbury! We love to make Valentine's Day an event at Foundations for Learning. We host …Read More

  5. Benefits of Cooking with Your Child: Part 2

    If you have been keeping up with our latest blog series, we have been discussing the benefits of cooking with your child. Cooking with your child takes learning out of the classroom and into your very own home. Your child will be learning about science, mathematics, and even improving their reading skills. Spending this time with your tiny one will strengthen the bond that you two have and share …Read More

  6. Day Care

    Benefits of Cooking with Your Child: Part 1

    Being a parent leaves you with many responsibilities. You have to be the tough guy and show discipline from time to time, and then you also have to be the fun one and come up with unique and silly activities that keep your child active and engaged. One activity that may be fun for both of you is cooking together! Cooking together with your child can be rewarding on so many levels. It is an activi…Read More

  7. day care centers

    Become a Mystery Reader in Glastonbury!

    Now that the new year is upon us, a lot of parents decide they want to change certain things about their lifestyle such as eating habits, parenting techniques, and how they can improve their happiness. One thing parents should consider for their new year's resolution is the importance of volunteering for your children. If you have spare moments and want to help a good cause, come volunteer at our…Read More

  8. Day Care

    Tips to Keep Your Child’s Routine During Holiday Break

    Getting to spend holiday break with your children is a gift that many parents may not receive. This is a time where you can truly bond with your child and spend time during the day that you may not get most times during the average week. However, since your children are accustomed to a schedule under our child care, it’s important to still keep the routine in their lives. Foundations for Learnin…Read More

  9. Celebrate the Holidays with these Stories

    Well, the season is finally here! The joyous holiday season is one to be celebrated by families all over Glastonbury. Seeing the light dance in your child's eyes as your talk about Santa, hang out with family, discuss the Menorah, or your Kwanzaa traditions is always something that will make you and your children smile. One way you can educate your child while they are not at our daycare center is…Read More

  10. Fun Activities From Our Day Care in Glastonbury For Thanksgiving

    With thanksgiving right around the corner, we at Foundations For Learning in Glastonbury want your kids to enjoy and understand this festive and important holiday. We feel it is important to have a well-rounded education program that includes all the things the children will experience throughout the year. With Thanksgiving, there is much history to learn about the pilgrims, how they got to Americ…Read More