1. The Benefits of Playgrounds on Child Development

    At Foundations for Learning, we are proud to offer an environment in which children can thrive. Our facilities is specially designed to promote healthy development, from the staff members we hire to the design of our classrooms. One part of our facility that is very important to us is our playground. Many adults don’t realize the significance of the playground in terms of a child’s physical, s…Read More

  2. The Importance of Unconditional Love

    Everyone wants their child to be successful. You know that your kid has endless potential, and it may be frustrating when you feel they aren’t reaching it. However, these days, the pressure to perform well, academically, athletically, and socially, has many parents pushing their children to achieve, even before elementary school starts. While you have the best intentions for your child (you only…Read More

  3. How to Cope with Separation Anxiety

    When starting school for the first time, it common for children to experience separation anxiety. When some children say goodbye to their parents, it can cause extreme stress, leading to crying, screaming, and clingy behavior. Separation anxiety is a natural part of growing up. After all, when you are very young, you do not yet have a sense of time, and your parents are the people who are responsi…Read More

  4. How to Help Your Child Become Independent

    Your child might be your baby, but that doesn’t mean that you want them to act like a helpless infant forever. As your child begins to reach preschool age, you have started to learn that they are their own independent person from you. They have their own personality, likes, and dislikes. Now, it is time for them to learn the skills necessary to be independent. This doesn’t mean that you are go…Read More

  5. Teaching Your Child Conflict Resolution Skills

    Conflict happens, whether it is at daycare, in high school, or at the office. It is important to learn conflict resolution skills from a young age in order to cope with this inevitability of life. At Foundations for Learning, we make a point to teach all of our students how to resolve conflict in a peaceful and respectful way. However, these lessons must also be translated into their home lives. I…Read More

  6. Safety Tips For Summertime Family Fun

    You know that when your children are here with us at Foundations For Learning in our day care of summer camp programs that they are safe and secure. When they aren’t with us, and are out in the wilds of the local park or your neighborhood, you want to keep them safe too. With more outdoor time and activities, summer presents some pretty unique safety challenges. Here are a few tips from our staf…Read More

  7. Summer Camp Expands Your Child’s Horizons

    Whether your child is six or 16, summer camp is a gift you can give them to help prepare them for the next stage of their lives. And, if you think you can’t afford summer camp, think again. There’s no reason it has to cost an arm and a leg. At Foundations For Learning, our focus is on making sure each and every child has fun, and is exploring and learning, not on squeezing every last penny out…Read More

  8. Top 5 Children’s Books and Why Reading is Important

    A day care without children’s books would be pretty silly, right? Reading offers children an opportunity to explore other worlds, learn about other kid’s feelings and how they react to things differently, and cultivate their imagination. Can you imagine growing up without books? Neither can we. At Foundations for learning, we are dedicated to providing your children with an education that is b…Read More

  9. Keep Your Kids Healthy This Winter

    With winter well underway in Glastonbury, we know this is the time of year we need to protect our kids more than ever, since this is when our children are susceptible to illnesses. At Foundations for Learning, we want to make sure your kids are protected from all the illnesses that roam around and run rampant during the winter time, especially the flu. That is why we require all our kids get the f…Read More

  10. Celebrate Valentine’s Day at Our Child Care Center!

    Valentine's Day is a holiday parents and children can celebrate one and the same. If you are the parent, you can spread the love and celebrate your husband, wife, or significant other by doing something special for one another. For your child, they can celebrate by having a special day at our child care in Glastonbury! We love to make Valentine's Day an event at Foundations for Learning. We host a…Read More