At Foundations For Learning, we focus on individualized experiences and hands-on-learning. Both of our locations in Glastonbury believe in the same core principles of education and “play with purpose.”

Foundations for Learning, at its core, is a learning center for young children. All of the students that attend our day care programs have the opportunity to participate in a variety of activities that are:

  • Structured
  • Developmentally-appropriate
  • Pre-academic
  • Hands-on

The teaching staff at Foundations For Learning take their jobs very seriously and work hard to make sure that each family experiences a personalized relationship with the teachers, the administration, and the school. Through parent communication, structured preschool classrooms, engaging curriculum, and excellent classroom management, we are able to create a positive environment for children to thrive.
Each classroom is organized into learning centers:

  • Dramatic Play (dress-up, kitchen, pretend food/dishes, puppets, etc…)
  • Library
  • Sensory Tables
  • Group Time (calendar, weather, days of the week, letters/numbers, etc…)
  • Blocks
  • Fine Motor/Manipulatives (lacing cards, puzzles, unifix cubes, shape connectors, legos)
  • Math/Science (in Tweens and Pre-Kindergarten/School Age classrooms)
  • Language/Writing (in Tweens and Pre-Kindergarten/School Age classrooms)
  • Gross motor (in Older Infants/Younger Toddler classroom only)

For the curriculum, each week the staff focuses on a specific theme which will serve as the basis for all of the activities that the students do throughout the week. In addition to the theme, we also incorporate a letter of the week and a number of the week. The goal is to expose students to pre-academic and academic concepts in a low stress environment.