1. Three Reasons to Sign Your Child Up For After-School Care at Our Day Care in South Windsor

    What did you do after school when you were a kid? Maybe you were greeted by a family member who kept you busy after school. Maybe you were a latchkey kid who had the run of the house after school. Today, many of the options we had as children are no longer safe or viable options for our own children. Many states have laws against children being home on their own under a certain age and many famil…Read More

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    How to Prepare Your Child for Preschool

    There is something slightly intimidating about starting something new. New experiences and faces can be intimidating to even the most socially adept of us - even as adults. So imagine how your little one must feel when you want them to open up their whole world to all new people, places and experiences - all at once. It's understandable that a majority of preschoolers balk at the expectations we h…Read More

  3. Bedtime Mistakes that Every Parent Has Made

    Bedtime is often when parents struggle most with their little ones for control and often give up out of pure frustration. Even experienced parents have at least one child who is resistant to going to bed and know the challenges that bedtime presents. And those children who fight sleep are easy to recognize in our South Windsor day care. In our last blog we listed a number of bedtime books that are…Read More

  4. Great Bedtime Books to Promote Sleep for Toddlers

    Although the lights are low, things are quiet and your little one is all snuggled up in her favorite blankie, sleep is just not always easily attainable. Sometimes, the most frustrating time of the day is when you are trying to end it. Knowing that tomorrow brings early morning rituals, preschool and work, everybody getting a good night's sleep is key to moving the morning along peacefully. Bedtim…Read More

  5. Why Parents Should Encourage Musical Play

    For decades in this country, we saw an unfortunate decline in music and arts education. Often the first departments to suffer budget cutbacks and restraints, the classes in arts were thought to be disposable and not necessary to the educational development of our children. Slowly however, we are seeing a resurgence of these lessons as more and more studies have shown the importance of music and ar…Read More

  6. Do Children Really Need to Go to Preschool

    Its one of the most asked parental questions of our time – does my child really need to go to preschool? Though this question can only be answered at home, based on financial and cultural considerations and the developmental stage of the child, there are a number of advantages of a good preschool program that all children benefit from. Considering that a child’s brain grows to 90 percent of it…Read More

  7. Helping Your Child Make Friends

    Every day at Foundations for Learning Child Care, we see children who struggle to fit in or make friends; who come off as aggressive or overly sensitive – making it a challenge for them to fully interact with others their age. While no parent likes to think of their child as being socially awkward or has having no friends, it is the parents that can have the biggest impact on whether or not the…Read More

  8. Three Ways to Get Your Baby to Sleep All Night

    We see them every morning as they come stumbling into our Glastonbury and South Windsor daycare centers. Bedraggled parents and sleepy, grumpy toddlers. For new parents, sleep time has become more precious than gold; highly valuable and precious beyond words. Though many expectant parents understood that sleep would become a scarce commodity, often split between the two of them with strategic tac…Read More

  9. Full Service Day Care In South Windsor

    Finding before and after school child care is not easy. Not having to drop off kids at multiple places is a blessing. Finding a facility that does both is a parents trifecta. Foundations for Learning has both of these day care services available and we also lovingly accept infants in our program. Loving care and the highest quality care is given at every age. Your child’s educational and social …Read More