At Foundations For Learning Child Care, our goal is to create an exploratory learning environment in which four and five-year-old children can create and expand on their already acquired skills.  We believe that while each preschool student is unique, yet it is important for children to learn to be part of a peer group, to see themselves as active learners and to continue learning self regulation and independence skills.  Our staff helps individualize care by:

  • Working with parents to set up academic skills necessary for a smooth transition to kindergarten
  • Creating a curriculum that allows children time to practice pro-social skills in large, small, and individualized activities
  • Creating curriculum activities that help children learn academic skills while further developing their natural interests and abilities
  • Providing students with an introduction to educational technology use
  • Providing each child with their own cubby space
  • Providing each child with their own daily record sheet
  • Providing parents will several means of parent/teacher communication: email blasts, text blasts, and pictures of daily activities

Prekindergarten and Kindergarten Schedule