after school care Milldale Southington At Foundations For Learning, our goal is to create an after school care environment in which 5 through 12-year-olds can do homework, review schoolwork, and build on their blossoming skills. Each of our staff members is dedicated to the education and engagement of your child, ensuring that their time after school is utilized in fun and creative endeavors. Both facilities are comprehensive in their offerings and our Glastonbury location specialize in the following:

  • Supporting pro social behaviors and initiative through our Behavior Star Program
  • Creating a curriculum that allows children time to practice pro social skills in large, small, and individualized activities
  • Creating curriculum activities that help children developing their natural interests and abilities
  • Providing students with an opportunity to review lessons that they are having difficulty with at school
  • Providing each child with their own cubby space
  • Providing parents will several means of parent/teacher communication: email blasts, text blasts, and pictures of daily activities