At Foundations For Learning, our goal for our toddler day care program is to create environments in which toddlers can share, explore, grow, and develop new skills that foster independence and mastery. We believe that while each toddler is unique, it is important for children to learn to be part of peer group. As a result, we work to keep students on a set schedule to encourage self-regulation, socialization, and independence. Each of our staff members, in Glastonbury, all help individualize child care by:

  • Working with parents to set up diapering and toilet training schedules
  • Working with parents to ensure that every child is working towards accomplishing the appropriate developmental milestones
  • Creating a childcare curriculum that allows children time to practice prosocial skills in large, small, and individualized activities
  • Creating curriculum activities that help children discover natural interests and abilities
  • Providing each child with their own cubby space
  • Providing each child with their own daily record sheet
  • Providing parents with several means of parent/teacher communication: email blasts, text blasts, and pictures of daily activities

Younger Toddler Class Schedule
Older Toddler Class Schedule