Foundations For Learning preschool is designed to be a home away from home for your child.  Our purpose is to provide children with unconditional love and the highest quality of child care possible. In addition, we want to enhance those experiences that they have had at home by capitalizing on the child’s natural curiosity and their thirst for new knowledge.  In doing so, each child’s uniqueness is taken into consideration, as they are loved, cared for, and encouraged to grow.

At Foundations For Learning, we understand that no one has more knowledge about a child than his or her own parents/guardians.  Therefore, we consider families to be a critical part of the educational team.  Communication and cooperation are crucial in creating a positive school experience.  We take great care in gathering information about each child’s day to ensure that individual needs are met and that each child is encouraged to grow and learn at their own pace.

Each program is designed to help children reach their full potential and to approach each developmental milestone with enthusiasm, persistence, and joy.  Our job is to make sure that each child has numerous successful experiences every day to foster a positive self-image and to ensure that every child has a lifelong love desire to learn.

We believe that our teachers need to know and understand how your children grow and learn.  When teachers know developmental growth patterns, they can anticipate developmental needs and create learning environments and activities that encourage emergent skills without frustration, fear, and failure. Each of our locations’ staff and faculties in Glastonbury, all share the same focus and goal, which is the full and optimal development of your child and his/her abilities.

To accomplish these goals, Foundations For Learning has established a family-oriented organization.  We hire the best teachers and train them thoroughly before they assume the full responsibility for teaching. Our philosophy is built on valuing each and every employee’s contribution. We continue to facilitate professional growth by careful and constant supervision, ongoing training, and regular evaluation.

Our Programs

  • Infant Care
  • Toddler Care
  • Tweens
  • Pre-K or Preschool
  • Before & After School Programs
  • Summer Camps

Preschool and Pre-Kindergarten Programs

We provide a solid preschool program. The children who have attended Foundations for Learning have excelled in area schools as they moved on with their education. It is extremely important for young children to learn about themselves in a constructive way so that they have acceptance of, and confidence in, themselves. That is our goal at Foundations for Learning. Our children are provided with varied and interesting experiences. By doing so, they develop feelings of self-discipline, self-respect, and self-assurance. At Foundations for Learning, children are also given the opportunity and guidance to relate well to their peers. Social interaction is an important part of the curriculum at Foundations for Learning.


Center Based Thematic Learning

We use Center-Based Thematic Learning. Many opportunities are incorporated into the classroom for your child to learn about the world. As your child’s abilities mature, her understanding and experience of the world changes. When your child leaves, she will have a foundation of the pre-academic skills she needs to be successful in kindergarten.


Language skill development

In order to learn and to understand other people, children need to know how to listen. As the teachers listen to the children in an accepting and nurturing manner, children learn to listen to each other and to themselves. By learning to listen, our students learn about their feelings and about social interaction. By learning to first listen and then question, they develop the critical ability to challenge what is said and to evaluate the information they receive.


Enrichment Programs

We provide children between 1.5 -12 years the opportunity to participate in weekly/bi-monthly enrichment programs. We offer: Spanish classes, Happy Piano classes, Jump Bunch classes, and Soccer Shots classes. Enrichment programs are offered in addition to our existing programs for an additional fee. Please note that you do not need to be enrolled at Foundations For Learning to participate in our enrichment programs.


Community Involvement

Foundations For Learning believes that it is important to not only be part of a community, but to give back to the community. Each year, we do our best to incorporate many opportunities for students to take part in events and experiences that benefit those in need. In the past we have held canned food drives, donated items to local homeless shelters, and donated gifts to Toys for Tots. For more information about Foundations For Learning and our community partnerships, click here.

Important Facts About Foundations For Learning

  • Closed a handful of holidays
  • No Snow Policy (case by case basis)
  • Located in Glastonbury, CT.
  • Licensed by the Department of Public Health
  • Licensed to administer medications
  • Large playground and porch playground for infants

Extended Care Program

  • Includes full-time school program with before and/or after care and school breaks
  • Open 7AM to 6PM

Before/After School Program

  • Ages 5 to 12
  • Homework assistance and rewards program

Programs offered:

  • Infants (6 weeks to 12 Months)
  • Older Infants (12 Months to 18 Months)
  • Middle Toddler (18 Months to 28 Months)
  • Older Toddler (28 Months to 36 Months)
  • Tweens (3 yrs to 4 yrs)
  • Pre-Kind. (4 yrs to 5 yrs the year before kindergarten)
  • School Age (6 yrs-12yrs and in school full day)
  • Summer Camp (5yrs-12yrs)

Curriculum Model:

  • Thematic Curriculum

Enrollment Process

We know that it can be difficult finding a child care facility that suits your expectations. It’s very important to make sure to find the center that best suits your family’s needs and budget. At Foundations For Learning, we recommend that anyone interested in our programs schedule a tour of our facility. All tours are conducted by the program director and at least one classroom teacher from classroom that is being toured. Tours can be scheduled Monday through Friday between 8:30 am – 5:30 pm. If you need to schedule tours before 8:30 am or after 5:30 pm, please let us know when you contact us.