Specially equipped to handle every aspect of your baby’s daily care in Glastonbury.

At Foundations For Learning, our goal for our infant care program is to create an environment that mimics individual home-like environments for each child while providing a solid early educational experience. Our day care staff works with each family to help individualize care by:

  • Working with parents to set up feeding, sleeping, and activity schedules
  • Working with parents to ensure that every child is working towards accomplishing the appropriate developmental milestones
  • Providing each child the necessary early stimulation needed for foster brain growth and development
  • Providing each child with their own crib, linens, and personalized cribs
  • Providing each child with their own cubby space
  • Providing each child with their own daily record sheet
  • Providing parents will several means of parent/teacher communication: email blasts, text blasts, and pictures of daily activities

Sample Infant Schedule