1. Foundations For Learning summer program is one-of-a-kind.

Other summer camp programs in the area offer huge sport fields and a Disney World atmosphere, where it’s easy for a child to get lost in the crowd.  At Foundations for Learning, our child care program allows us to focus more adeptly on each student and his/her interests.

2. When considering a smaller summer program that incorporates field trips, grade appropriate tutoring, and free time outside, it’s important to ask these key questions:

  • Does Foundations provide arts and crafts programs that are developmentally appropriate to my child?  Absolutely.  The students do art/crafts projects using a variety of different mediums, such as paint, oil pastels, collage materials, plaster, clay, and more! We love to display student artwork around the classrooms and hallways for parents to see.
  • Does Foundations provide enrichment programs that are both fun and educational for my child? We certainly do. We have a weekly Spanish class, dance class, and soccer class.  We also do cooking projects on Mondays and technology activities on Thursdays using our Smart Board.
  • Does Foundations provide science and nature activities that will stimulate curiosity in my child? There is no doubt, from the planting of vegetables to the examination of bugs and plants, your child will learn about nature and science at Foundations. Their wonder of the world will be stimulated and their understanding enriched!
  • Does Foundations provide tutoring and grade-appropriate activities to help my child maintain and improve their reading, language, and math skills?  Again, the answer is “yes!” Each child will participate in daily read-a-louds with leveled reading books and will practice key skills in a grade-specific workbook.

3. Is there a compromise in the size of the sport fields at Foundations?

  • No. In addition to the use of the sports field and playscapes at Naubuc Elementary School. We have a tent for the students to use when the weather is bad or they need additional shade on a hot day.  Plus we have hoses and mini pools for water play during the summer!

4. Given that Foundations is meeting your child’s emotional, physical, and developmental needs, in the final analysis, what is the difference for your child between Foundations and the other camps?

  • The price is the correct answer!  You will be saving anywhere from $1,000.00 to $3,000.00 for the summer!
  1. It goes without saying, but we will say it anyway, in these economic times, why pay more?
  2. Why not put the money in a college account for your child?
  3. Why not take a family vacation with the difference?