At Foundations For Learning Child Care, our goal is to create an exploratory learning environment in which three- and four-year-olds can explore, grow, and build onto their already acquired skills. We believe that while each preschooler is unique, it is important for children to learn to be part of a peer group, to begin to see themselves as active learners, and to continue learning self-regulation and independence skills. Our staff helps individualize day care experiences by:

  • Working with parents to set up academic expectations
  • Working with parents to ensure that every child is working towards accomplishing the appropriate developmental milestones
  • Creating a curriculum that allows children time to practice pro-social skills in large, small, and individualized activities
  • Creating curriculum activities that help children learn pre-academic skills while further developing their natural interests and abilities
  • Providing each child with their own cubby space
  • Providing each child with their own daily record sheet
  • Providing parents will several means of parent/teacher communication: email blasts, text blasts, and pictures of daily activities

Tweens Classroom Schedule