One of the most important things you can do in terms of teaching your child responsibility is to give them chores to do around the house. Everyone in the family should contribute to the household, and preschoolers are no exception. You might think that they are too young to do much, but in reality, preschoolers are able to accomplish much more than you think. Not only that, they are thrilled to do so! To your children, there’s nothing cooler than being able to do stuff like the grown-ups. If you struggle to find chores for your preschooler to do that won’t create more of a mess, here are some simple ideas for teaching your tiny tot responsibility.

Make Their Bed

Sure, it won’t be perfect, but most kids three and up are able to make their own bed, and this is a great habit to ingrain in them young. If you need to, you can share this responsibility with them — have them pull the sheet up, and you can handle the heavier covers. Alternatively, they can place their pillows and stuffed animals in their rightful place.

Wipe Down the Counters

Whether in the bathroom or the kitchen counter, this is a simple chore that young children can perform, provided you have non-toxic cleaning wipes. Have them do a quick wipe down of the bathroom counter in the evening after they brush their teeth or in the kitchen after dinner.

Clear the Table

If your preschooler can carry their toys around, they can help you clear the table of dishes. Be mindful of breakable things such as glasses or heavy plates, but anything plastic is fair game. Give them the opportunity to try. They can even scrape scraps into the trash and place the dishes in the sink or dishwasher.

Feed the Pet

This is a simple chore that should be very fun for your preschooler. Give them an appropriately portioned scoop and let them feed the cat or dog. If you have a stool that allows them to reach the sink, they can even fill the water bowl for them.


A full-size brown is likely too tall and heavy for your child, but if you provide them with a hand broom, they will likely really enjoy this chore. Give your child a small, specific area to sweep, such as under the table after meals. While you will likely have to go through and do a thorough sweep with a larger broom, they can at least get the little crumbs.

Help with Laundry

Though your preschooler can’t operate a washing machine on their own, they can help you during the process. For example, they can help sort laundry according to their owner, and carry their clean laundry to their rooms. They may even be able to fold some simple things, such as pillow cases or towels.

There are many chores your preschooler can do; in fact, there are so many, that we will cover even more in our next blog post! If you’re looking for a preschool that will help your child learn responsibility, Foundations for Learning is a great option in South Windsor. Contact us today to learn more!