Chores offer many benefits to children of all ages. Even though your preschooler is little, that doesn’t mean that they can’t participate as well. In fact, it’s important that they do. Giving your preschooler ways to help around the house makes them feel like they are contributing. It also teaches them to be responsible and clean up after themselves, which are valuable skills to instill in them as young as possible. In our previous blog, we started going over chores that your preschooler can do. Because there are so many ways your preschooler can contribute, we will continue the list in this post.

Dust Furniture

Dusting is a simple task that a preschooler can easily do. Invest in a furniture polishing cloth (or even just a soft cloth) to help them dust any wood furniture. While they won’t be able to reach high surfaces and they probably won’t get it down perfectly, they can cover table and chair legs and even the TV screen.

Pick Up Toys

This is perhaps the most important chore for a preschooler to master, and fortunately, it is one that we will reinforce here at Foundations for Learning. It’s crucial that your child learns that they are responsible for cleaning up their own messes, so set an expectation that whatever toy they take out, they must put away again. You can make this chore easier by having them put away one category of toys at a time. For example, they could put all the dolls away at once, or all the legos. This makes the mess a little less overwhelming for all involved.

Unload the Dishwasher

While they obviously can’t reach high shelves or carry heavy dishes or pans, your preschooler can still help you with the dishes. Teach them how to put the silverware away in the drawer, sans any sharp knives.

Straighten Up Clutter

Your preschooler is likely already stacking their toys, so why not let them stack some magazines and books? If you have clutter in your living room or other common space, you can have them straighten up a bit by placing books in their rightful place (unless that is a high shelf, of course).

Yard Work

If you have yard work to do, your preschooler can help you! Have them pick up any sticks or other debris in the yard in a small pile. Alternatively, they can throw them in a wheelbarrow for you to remove later.


If your preschooler is 4 or 5, they can handle a vacuum cleaner, particularly a hand vacuum. Some taller kids may even be able to use a full-sized vacuum! While pushing the vacuum may be too heavy, they can use the vacuum wand or hand vacuum to address any crumbs, under the couch cushions, or in the corner.

At Foundations for Learning, we genuinely care about helping our students become the best they can be. That is why we always help our preschoolers learn how to clean up around the classroom! Contact us today to schedule a tour of our day care facility!