The right after school program in Glastonbury can benefit your whole family. Many people choose other after school care options, but research shows that after school programs benefits kids. On top of that, after school programs can also provide you with peace of mind and more time as a parent. In this blog, we will go over the positive influence of after school care on children and adults alike.

For Kids

Builds community

It’s important for kids to feel a part of and supported by a community. After school care gives children a circle of friends outside of the school day. Even if it is mostly children from their school, the different context allows them to build relationships that may never have had otherwise. In addition, after school programs allow teachers more time to connect with students, giving them more attention and support.

Improves social skills

Our afterschool program in Glastonbury is all about inclusion. We aim to help children coordinate, support, and respect each other so that students can feel comfortable approaching their classmates to play a game or talk to each other. This helps children build the social skills they need to thrive at school and in their personal lives.

Offers academic support

At Foundations for Learning, our after school care is designed to provide academic support. We offer time for attendees to do homework, review their school work, and participate in activities that support what they are learning in school. When your child is enrolled our after school program, you know that they are receiving individualized attention from qualified individuals who can help them with academics.

Makes learning more fun

For many students, school can be a stressful environment. Even if they enjoy it, the presence of compulsory activities and tests can make students anxious, particularly for those with learning disabilities or attention issues. After school care is much more flexible, allowing children to choose activities and work together in groups. The less rigid environment means that they are able to learn while still having fun.

Provides safe supervision

Your child’s safety is of the utmost importance, and enrolling in an after school program may be exactly what is needed to keep them safe. Unfortunately, younger and younger children are being exposed to more risky behaviors, but keeping them busy after school can help offset their exposure. Studies indicate that after school programs can raise kids’ grades and reduce their behavioral problems.

Creates confidence

After school care provides an environment where it feels safer to take risks. The less structured, lower pressure environment lets shyer kids or children with learning disabilities try new things. This, in turn, can make them feel more confident, which helps them in their school environment.

For Parents

More time

Whether you work late or you choose to do something else with your time, after school care affords you the opportunity to use those hours as you see fit. When you bring your child to Foundations for Learning, you know that they are receiving the care and attention they need, so you can feel comfortable taking a couple more hours a day to yourself.

Reduce conflict

Children and parents often butt heads during homework hour. You may feel frustrated by your child’s inability to concentrate or apathy towards the subject, or you may feel that you simply cannot provide the academic support they need, which causes frustration in and of itself. Whatever the circumstances, if homework time is tense in your home, an after school program can help by providing a place for your child to do homework with the support of a teacher.

More support

They say it takes a village to raise a child. After school care adds more villagers to support your family as your child grows. When your child goes to after school care, they have that many more supportive adult figures in their life to help them thrive. On top of that, you have more support with your parenting.

These are just some of the ways you and your child stand to benefit from enrolling in our after care. At Foundations for Learning, our after school program is a popular choice for Glastonbury families. If you’re interested in our child care, contact us to schedule a tour!