dreamstime_xxl_22291676At Foundations for Learning, we want all the kids in our child care center in South Windsor to be well-rounded individuals with a thorough skill set. We implement this by incorporating in our curriculum a variety of topics from life and learning skills, as well as social skills. We also want your kids in our child care program to learn the important roles that adults play in their lives.

On October 19th, we will be having the Connecticut State troopers stop by at our child care center to teach children why what they do as a profession is important. Your children will learn:


Being a state trooper or policeman is a responsible job and we want the children to understand how important it is to respect the profession they chose. They are helping our community and have an important role in helping us when we are in trouble. Respecting the officer, and doing what they ask is helpful if the children ever need to ask someone for assistance. This also can teach the children to aspect anyone with more authority than they have such as their parents, grandparents, and educators.

How They Keep Us Safe

The number one job of a policeman is to protect and serve. We will be able to display these characteristics of the job by having the policeman at child care center, explain his daily duties. He will tell the children how he helps people and makes sure we are all safe. This lets the children know the police department is on their side and will make sure they are always protected.

How they Can Have This Career

Having career day at our child care center can let kids know that they can be whatever they want to be when they grow up. Maybe some kids will want to be a police officer or state trooper, after seeing the great things they do for us in their profession. This gives children hope and drive to do achieve in their other academic years.

Foundations For Learning in South Windsor and other surrounding areas, want your children to enjoy their time with us by having fun and learning all there is to know. We want to make your kids feel intelligent, cared for, and welcome in our child care center. Please remember our state troopers will be in our facility at 9:30 and the kids will learn a lot!