With thanksgiving right around the corner, we at Foundations For Learning in Glastonbury want your kids to enjoy and understand this festive and important holiday.

We feel it is important to have a well-rounded education program that includes all the things the children will experience throughout the year. With Thanksgiving, there is much history to learn about the pilgrims, how they got to America, why we are thankful for everything we have in our lives, and why we create traditions for other holidays throughout the year.

We wanted to let you know some fun activities you can do with your children to educate them about this exciting November holiday.


Reading together is always a great activity to help your children and even yourself! Make it a new tradition by reading an educational yet fun story about Thanksgiving. You can possibly take turns reading and ask questions to keep your children engaged in the story. You can ask questions to recap what has already gone on in the story or even ask them to describe pictures within the book you have chosen. You can help them understand the differences between each person and why it is so important to respect every individual.

Go Back in Time

Something fun you and your kids can do together is take a detailed look into the journey of the pilgrims. You can discuss with your children the historical facts and why thanksgiving is a tradition among many people. Also, check out our local museums in Glastonbury, there may even be an exhibit dedicated to the pilgrimage, and if not, taking your kids to the museum will still be a fun and historical trip they will remember.

Crafts at our Daycare

Something we implement at our daycare in Glastonbury is craft time! We will cater to an event, and in this case, a holiday to theme our crafts after. Things we can do to help the children express their gratitude, make a “thankful paper chain”. Finding things they are grateful for will help them understand how lucky they are. Other things we can do is make mini turkey’s from the children tracing their own hands, and other fun and artistic crafts while they spend their time in our day care in Glastonbury.


When Thanksgiving day arrives, let your little one help decorate the table with the crafts they have so lovingly made at our daycare! If the kids feel incorporated in a big event, they will feel more included, that will give them a sense of pride and happiness. You also can do some crafting at home as well. Creating crafts at home can create a bonding moment between you and your children.

Thanksgiving is a holiday to kick off the holiday season. There is much to be thankful of and with the collaboration of our daycare center and your home teaching, your children can fully understand why being thankful and understanding the journey of the pilgrims is so important. At Foundations For Learning, we always want your children to have well-rounded educations in all different subjects. If you are thinking about putting your child in daycare, come see us in Glastonbury; we would be so thankful to have you.