For families with young children, the holidays can be a time that’s magical and stressful in equal measure. We love this time of year, but we also know that kids are creatures of habit, and that regular schedules get turned upside down during the holiday season. Even a small change in the routine can trigger a meltdown. So, how do you maintain the magic of the holidays without stressing out yourself or your your children? To adjust to the hustle and bustle, here’s a few tips to keep things running smoothly.

  • Talk to your child about what to expect and what you expect from them. A sudden change can frazzle them and, believe it or not, your child likes to be prepared too.
  • When dropping your child off at day care, give them a heads up if the schedule is going to change. This gives them a chance to prepare for the unexpected.
  • Remember that arriving late, leaving early, and just saying “no” to some events is completely okay. It helps your child to learn that nobody can be everywhere at once.
  • Talk to your child about giving, especially during the holiday season. Create a tradition where you donate a box of food, clothes, or unwanted items. This boosts their empathy and cuts down on clutter.
  • Make sure to spend extra time with your child. They’re going to ask for presents, but what they really want is time spent with you. Make cookies, go for a walk, or read a special book together.