The Often Side-Splitting Things Our Students Say

preschool southingtonSpending everyday in the company of young children often produces more than one opportunity for laughter. Kids, with their endless capacity for seeing the world without filters, often delight with their unique points of view that leave us adults shaking our heads and laughing in wonderment. Just for fun, the parents and staff of our child care facilities told us the funniest and most charming things they’ve heard out of the mouths of the little ones in their care. Here are a few of our favorites.

“I asked my seven-year-old daughter what would happen if her head exploded and she looked at me for a second and said “I would get all of my math problems wrong.”  – Jason A.

“When I was teaching swim lessons, a little boy who was about four years old didn’t want to get in the water> When his mom asked him why he whined as he complained”because it’s wet!” – Carrie A.

“My five-year old-nephew always says that the bad people made him do it when he does something he shouldn’t.” – Robyn R.

“We were at a petting zoo recently and a little girl was sitting in her stroller. Her mother handed her a handful of oats to feed to the goats and looked the other way. The little girl looked at her had and shoved all of the oats in her mouth. Her mother looked back and said ‘did the little goat eat all of the oats?’ It was fun to watch.” – John P.

“While visiting with my 4-year-old grand daughter, her mother was telling me that her preschool teacher was expressing to her how nice our girl treated other students; always giving compliments and helping where she could. I turned to her and asked her if she was a nice girl to her classmates. She at first beamed with pride as she said yes, but then got this deviant look in her eye and stated quite happily “but I can be mean too.” – Teresa H.

“At one family gathering, my three nieces were singing Row, Row Row Your Boat in rounds. This went on for almost ten minutes when the three-year-old, frustrated and done, put both hands over her hears and aught the attention of everyone as she yelled out “BORING, BORING, BORING!!!”- Mariah B.