Child care

At Foundations For Learning, our child care centers use a thematic learning system, basically meaning when we teach our children, it is revolved around a theme. This unit is focused on the season we are currently in right now: fall. We are focusing on the environment, what’s happening within it, and other things revolved around this lovely season. We find teaching in a theme is more beneficial for our children in our child care program because it helps your child stay focused on our theme, with adding in specific elements.

Can Cover Many Different Areas

In thematic learning, it’s possible to touch on all major subjects, with one general idea in mind. An example would be the kids learning about the seasons changing. We can go over what’s happening to the plant life and why they are starting to change. We can incorporate hibernation and migration of different animals, why this occurs, and circle it back to vocabulary by learning helpful words surrounded by this time of year. This allows the children to be able to repeatedly go back to the same ideas so they will have a better memory and the lessons won’t become all scrambled.

It Makes Children Excited

When teaching in theme units, especially in a fun and creative way, it helps the students stay engaged and be excited to learn even more. For children who don’t particularly love certain subjects like math and science, this can help them want to learn by incorporating some of their favorite things like animals, or their favorite flower into the math and science questions. This way of learning will benefit the child when it comes to feeling successful, even at their hardest or lead favored subjects.

Previous Knowledge Is Utilized

When we design our thematic lesson plans at our child care center in Glastonbury, we like to focus on things the children already know or are aware of. That’s why this unit is so fun: because most children know about Thanksgiving, leave changing, and the weather getting cooler. This makes our children confident and excited that they already know some things we are learning about! We will be able to keep adding on information as we go because it will be easier for the children to retain the previous information already implemented in the lesson plan.

Everyone Learns Differently

Each of us is so different when it comes to our learning styles. Learning in a theme is great because it can touch on each child’s preference of learning. Some kids will enjoy the hands-on craft projects, and our big project we do in each lesson. Others will be a little quieter and reserved, they will prefer when the lesson is more direct, by us reading a story or explaining a process. Whatever learning style your child prefers will be able to implement it into our program!

We believe at Foundations For Learning, that our thematic way of teaching your children is best. It helps kids stay engaged, want to learn, and lets them learn the way they are best fit.

If you want to learn more about why we use this style please contact us today!