Dates Theme of the week Letter/Number
Jan 5-9 Teacher’s Choice P         16
Jan 12-16 Winter Animals/Hibernation: bears, penguins, deer, foxes arctic animals…suggest using Jan Brett Books NOP   14, 15, 16
Jan 19-23 Winter sports: hockey, skiing, sledding, toboggan, ice skating Q        17
Jan 26-30 Weather: focus on seasonal changes, the water cycle (simplified), melting/freezing, hot/cold R         18
Feb 2-6 Pets/Caring for Animals…focus on big versus small animals, what animals can be pets, how we care for pets, etc… S         19
Feb 9-13 Friendship/Kindness/Sharing…focus on what good friends do, review classroom rules, play group games that use cooperation QRS    17,18,19
Feb 16-20 Dental Health/Germs/Manners/General Health…focus on how to keep bodies healthy, healthy foods, brushing teeth, etc… T          20
Feb 23-27 Transportation week #1: Types of Cars/Trucks/Bikes, parts of car/truck, traffic signs, traffic safety U           Numbers 1, 2, 3 review
March 2-6 Author Study: DR. SEUSS BIRTHDAY WEEK V            Numbers 4,5,6 review
March 9-13 Transportation week #2: Types of Trains/Planes/Boats, parts of trains, traffic signs, air versus land versus water traveling TUV       Numbers 7,8,9 review
March 16-20 Dinosaurs…focus on types of dinosaurs, meat versus plant eating dinosaurs W           Numbers 1-10 review
March 23-27 Rocks, minerals, gems, and fossils…focus on different types, how they are made, hard versus soft, shiny versus dull X            Number 11,12,13 review
March 30-April 3 Astronomy: Parts of a rocket, astronauts, constellations, moons, planets, sun, etc… Y            Number 14,15,16 review
April 6-10 Teacher’s Choice WXY      Number 17,18,19
April 13-17 Author Study: LAURA NUMEROFF Z            Number 11-20 review
April 20-24 Spring planting: focus on parts of plant, how things grow, types of plants/flowers/veggies A,B,C      1,2,3
April 27-May 1 Bugs: focus on types of bugs, parts of bug, why bugs are important D,E,F       4,5,6
May 4-8 Jungle/Rainforest: focus on plants and animals G,H,I       7,8,9
May 11-15 Reptiles/Amphibians: lizards, turtles, frogs, snakes, komodo dragons J,K,L        10,11,12
May 18-22 Artist week #1: focus on water colors, pointillism, and abstract MNO       13,14,15
May 25-29 Artist week #2: focus on still life, landscapes, portraits P,Q,R       16,17,18
June 1-5 Music and Movement/theatre: focus on types of music, instruments, types of dance, storytelling, role-playing S,T,U        19, 20
June 8-12 Circus/Zoo Animals V,W,X       ——-
June 15-19 Sports/Fitness Y,X            ——-
June 22-26 Author Study: ERIC CARLE’S BIRTHDAY Alphabet/Number review
June 29-July 3 Teacher’s Choice Alphabet/Number review