There are many reasons why music in childhood education is important. Music stimulates the brain, helps with memory, helps children stay engaged, the list is endless. That is why here, at Foundation For Learning, we decided to implement our own music class in our preschools. We feel music is an essential tool that kids can learn through multiple avenues , and we want your children to be as educated and happy as possible.

Our preschool has your children’s best interest in mind, and our music class is fun and engaging. Taught by Ms. Connie, this class will be something you will want to invest in for your child.dreamstime_xxl_3176999

We feel it’s important that you know why music class is so prevalent in your child’s lives, and why it will be best at our preschool.

Helps Develop Language and Reasoning

When kids experience music class early in development, this increases the part of the brain in relation to language and reasoning. The left side of your brain is also improved with music, and by listening to, and learning songs; helps with the process of imprinting information.

Improves Memory

When children are beginning to learn music, whether it’s learning a song or playing an instrument, they are always using memorization skills to perform. This will be beneficial throughout the entirety of their education and onward.

Music Keeps Kids Engaged

Music is a fun subject that almost any child can enjoy. Ms. Connie has a great way of teaching at our preschool that makes the educational environmentand enjoyable. This will keep your child engaged and happy during music class and once they are older will keep them engaged in other subjects of school.

Emotional Develop

dreamstime_xxl_480497 (1)Music has a way of helping children become more emotionally developed. They have the ability to be more empathetic when the situation calls for it, and have an easier time dealing with anxiety when they are older.


Music can help your child retain better hand and eye coordination if they enjoy playing a musical instrument.Music also can increase their motor skills.


Our music class can help your child feel confident, successful, and proud of their developing musical abilities. Ms. Connie is a wonderful teacher and motivator for your children!

So, come check our amazing new music class taught by the lovely Ms. Connie on Monday’s from 9:30-10:30am. The class runs through December, so don’t wait! They are $35 dollars and are bi-weekly. Your child will love this music class, the class will help them develop faster, be more attuned with their emotions, and learn a new skill to show off to their family and friends.

Foundation For Learning is a great resource for a child whether they need preschool, daycare, or just an after school program. We are located in Glastonbury, South Windsor, and Milldale/Southington for your convenience! We have a great well-rounded center just waiting for your child to enjoy. Lots activities, learning programs, and a caring and loving staff await them. Always contact us with your questions or concerns, and we will see you at music class!