If you are like most parents out there, you run your house like a tight ship. You make sure the chores are done, breakfast is ready at a certain time, and are out the door 10 minutes early. Having a routine for your children is so imperative to their development. Routines, in the future, will help children stay organized and focused, especially when they start school.

At Foundations For Learning in Windsor, we are aware of how important routines are for children, that’s why we also have a schedule here at our preschool. We want your children to succeed in anything they attempt to accomplish, and we understand the importance of a routine.

Why Routines are so Important at Home and in Preschool:


When children expect what is going to happen during the day, they will be more at ease. With a routine, it will be more difficult for your children to be caught off guard which cause an increase to their anxiety levels. When children lack routine, they tend to feel less stable and more surprised by all types of events. At our preschool in Windsor, we make sure our routine is the same everyday with different activities thrown into the mix; as long as we have craft time at the same time of the day, changing up the activity will be fine for your child and will keep them more engaged and excited.


When children know what to expect, they stay more focused. They don’t need to spend their energy trying to figure out what’s coming next and worrying about the outcome. With routine, kids can stay focused on the task at hand and be even more ready for the next one. When a child knows that it’s story time at our preschool, they will be excited for this portion of the program and be focused on the story that we are telling. If we were to swap story time, the child will feel anxious and start to wonder what else is changing or what’s coming next.

Acting Out

Children that have some sort of routine are less likely to have arguments or outbursts with you or with us at preschool. Routines help because kids are very curious. Once a routine is in place, they won’t have to ask the same questions over and over, or try to understand an unknown situation. A good example is bedtime in your home. For the first few times, your child may fight you and question why they need to take a bath everyday before bed. Once you have done this a few times, and it becomes a routine, the child in question will be expecting bath time and shouldn’t be against it any longer.

At Foundations For Learning in Windsor, we want to make sure your child is always on a routine that will benefit their preschool and home time. We make sure our program is structured yet exciting for all our kiddos. If you’re thinking of putting your child in preschool, come see us in Windsor. Our programs are thematic so they are a beneficial learning style for your children. Call us in Windsor to learn more!