Making sure you are engaging in many activities with your family will make for a very well-balanced dynamic. There are many different types of activities to do with your family, but we believe family yoga to be one of the most beneficial. This helps bring your family together by doing something relaxing, yet challenging at the same time.

dreamstime_xxl_27246674Foundation For Learning, in three convenient locations, is a great establishment for providing care and guidance for your children, and to keep you involved. Our family yoga class is an activity we feel is great for most of our families and we want to let you know why.

Playtime is Important

It’s important for parents to be well rounded in their parenting skills. Parents tend to focus on the importance of discipline, keeping them safe, and just having a serious mentality. Family yoga is a great way to incorporate play time into your relationships with your child. It will instill a playful side and you will bring that back home with you. Our preschool wants to make sure that not only we are well-rounded, but the household is too!

Interaction is essential

A lot of times, parents aren’t able to view the children how we do. We are a classroom environment, always keeping the children engaged with other classmates or creative and beneficial activities. When you are in the group setting of the family yoga class, you will be able to see what we see! You can see how your child learns and interacts with their other classmates, and other parents. Your child will also be able to see how you learn, which will help them connect with you on another level.

Role Reversal

In our family yoga class, there are many times when the roles switch, and this is great for the children and the parents! The children will sometimes be able to do poses that the parents can’t do and vice versa. This will help children understand that they are not as different as they believe from their parents. It will lessen the pressure the child feels from the expectations that are put upon them.

Our family yoga class at our preschools incorporates so many things that will benefit your family. It will teach you all to be more playful, that no one’s perfect, and that your children are such amazing little people. Always check out our website to see when classes are being held, and get in on our next fun, relaxing, and amazing family yoga class!