daycare GlastonburyIts one of the most asked parental questions of our time – does my child really need to go to preschool? Though this question can only be answered at home, based on financial and cultural considerations and the developmental stage of the child, there are a number of advantages of a good preschool program that all children benefit from. Considering that a child’s brain grows to 90 percent of its adult size by the age of five, these years before traditional K-12 education can be critical to their academic growth. Studies show that achievement in academics and school success is increased with the foundation of a good early childhood development program through the preschool years. Literacy and math skills shown at earlier ages are an additional positive impact of pre-K programs.

Social skill development is often referred to by parents as a reason to send their child to preschool. Learning social development and how to interact with those outside of the family is accelerated by an exposure to children of their own age. Preschool prepares small children in a variety of social and emotional coping skills. Its also been noted that children who successfully navigated their way through preschool lessons like focusing and temper control are better suited adults in the workplace. Attendance at a comprehensive child development center has also been credited to helping lower the chance of future imprisonment and reliance on social programs like welfare.

The staff and faculty at Foundations for Learning Child Care in Glastonbury and South Windsor believes in the importance of a quality and comprehensive early childhood curriculum designed to bring out the best in your child, now and for years to come. Call us to schedule a personal school tour for you and your family.