1. The Importance of Child’s Play

    Why Playtime and Recess are Important at Every Daycare or Preschool There aren’t many of us who would say that downtime or recreational time isn’t important for adults. We understand that, in able to undertake life’s tasks on a daily basis, we need the stress-release that our adult "downtime" offers us. But it seems that as of late, the academic community has lessened the importance of play …Read More

  2. What is Sensory Play and Why is it Important in Preschool?

    Using the Five Senses to Enhance Daily Learning According to most child development experts, the number of senses engaged during activities, the higher the rate of learning and retention. That belief is the foundation behind sensory play. Letting children play with a variety of materials, teaches them concepts in language and math that could otherwise be difficult to grasp. Concepts of science can…Read More

  3. Simple Ways to Make Chores More Fun

    With three daycare locations, serving dozens of children, we know the importance of keeping work and play spaces clean and free of clutter. In an effort to teach personal responsibility while ensuring safe and efficient classrooms, we task our students with engaging in chores throughout the day. By embracing the fun side of tidying up, we strive to foster the concepts of teamwork and cooperation. …Read More

  4. Staying Summertime Safe: Preventing Playground Injuries

    A day at the playground. It's a summertime rite for almost every American child and most of us have endearing childhood memories of days spent sliding, swinging and see-sawing our way to simple happiness. Unfortunately, the neighborhood park's playground is also where many kids are injured, sometimes seriously. Though childhood injuries are bound to happen, and most don't even warrant a trip to th…Read More

  5. Choosing the Best Daycare for Your Child

    Why a Full-Assessment of your Choice in Child Care is Important For most parents, having to choose a daycare that they can trust can be a confusing and even distressing decision. Without previous experience of what to look for, many parents overlook important factors that could make or break their, and their children's, experience with child care. When looking for quality daycare in Glastonbury …Read More

  6. The Connection Between Preschool and Social Skills

    It is often said that the skills you learn early in life, are the ones that you’ll continue to use throughout your lifetime; those skills that allow you to make connections, deal with conflict appropriately and to excel in personal relations.  Though some of the highest priorities for parents enrolling their young children in preschool is to establish the earliest lessons in reading, writing an…Read More

  7. The Two Faces of Your Preschooler

    After picking up her child from preschool recently, Terri was happily surprised to hear her four-year-old son's teacher remark that he is "such a joy to have in class". Though she was proud to hear the compliment of course she was also confused. She almost wanted to ask the teacher if she was indeed referring to the right child. After all, though Jacob was appreciated for all his wonderful qualiti…Read More

  8. Why Kids Need an After-School Care Program that Works

    Not to say that your 12-year-old isn't completely capable of taking care of themselves, but have you really questioned what your child is doing between the time he gets out of school and you get home from work? Where does he/she spend time? Is their homework being done? Are they engaging in risky behavior? Are they being productive or is it more likely that they'll spend too many of these alone ho…Read More

  9. The Benefits of Sensory Play

    Ask most any adult of any age how it is that they learn best and they'll most likely tell you through "hands-on experience". It's the need to get in there, and touch and do, that propels the learning process the most which is likely to stem from how we learned as children. Early childhood development experts refer to this hands-on learning as sensory play. When included in a preschool or daycare s…Read More

  10. The Best Books for Instilling Values

    Teaching concepts that are intangible can be some of the more difficult tasks of early parenthood. Instilling values that you and your spouse find important takes patience and skill but is vital to forming a child's social adeptness and to fully form their personality in ways that help them grow. At our preschool in Glastonbury, we find that books and games often help children understand these con…Read More