after school programs South Windsor Not to say that your 12-year-old isn’t completely capable of taking care of themselves, but have you really questioned what your child is doing between the time he gets out of school and you get home from work? Where does he/she spend time? Is their homework being done? Are they engaging in risky behavior? Are they being productive or is it more likely that they’ll spend too many of these alone hours watching TV or playing video games? Most parents would name their child’s safety as being a top priority but many leave those two or three hours open to the whim of the child and just trust that they are fine. But research shows that after-school hours are the peak for juvenile crime and alcohol and drug use and more children are likely to become victims of violence during this time period also.

The alternative is to find an after-school program that is both age-appropriate and encourages your child’s individuality in a safe, nurturing setting. At Foundations for Learning, we have after-school care programs that allow children to thrive. Even children as old as 12 can engage in a healthy learning environment where they can complete homework, interact in physical activities with their peers and build skills that will last a lifetime. Offering a comprehensive curriculum, our after school care programs are meant to help develop your child’s cognitive and physical health through age-appropriate activities.

If you are at all concerned about what your child is really doing during the late afternoon, and hope to keep them positively engaged in a safe setting, call us at any of our locations to schedule a facility tour and discover the advantages of an after-school program that works.