preschool Windsor It is often said that the skills you learn early in life, are the ones that you’ll continue to use throughout your lifetime; those skills that allow you to make connections, deal with conflict appropriately and to excel in personal relations.  Though some of the highest priorities for parents enrolling their young children in preschool is to establish the earliest lessons in reading, writing and arithmetic,preschool is also an excellent catalyst for those very important social skills.

Often referred to by child development experts as the four C’s of social interaction, basic skills are taught on a daily basis and given just as much priority in any quality child care program. The Four C’s that we focus on at Foundations for Learning in South Windsor follow the basics:

  • Communication: Efficiently expressing one’s needs, feeling and ideas with appropriate words and other verbal and physical cues is key for any child.
  • Cooperation: Appropriately working with others and knowing how to get along with others is a skill that needs special attention for younger children who do not have much experience knowing facial expressions and other social cues that make cooperation possible.
  • Curiosity: Encouraging a child’s creative development and growth in learning capabilities, we always try to bring out a child’s natural curiosity through play and group and individual projects.
  • Confidence: As the child grows in their abilities to function socially their academic skills will also blossom allowing that child to become more adept and confident in his or her abilities.

At Foundations for Learning child care center, we place just as much importance in encouraging social interaction that develops the entire child and produces well-rounded people. Contact us now for a tour of our day care facility in either South Windsor or Glastonbury.