after school programs Milldale Though we’re closing in on Spring Break in many areas of the nation, many parents still struggle with getting their child out of bed in the morning; having to still prod, cajole and even bribe them into going to school. We understand. As the top-rated local® before and after school care in Milldale, Glastonbury and South Windsor, we are quite aware of those kids for whom school is just not enjoyable. They aren’t exactly thrilled to be here. So, how does a parent change the situation? How do you get a child, who is resistant to spending the day learning, to actually love school? Try not to scoff. It is possible with these few tips:

  • Promote learning by being your kid’s most obvious role model. Even if its just a once-a-week creative writing class or simply reading a book at home during your down time, using yourself as a model for lifelong learning the best way to encourage that love in your child.
  • Always remain positive. Though you may not be the biggest fan of your child’s teacher it is imperative that you refrain from talking with your child about their shortcomings. Always remain respectful in your communication with them regarding any authoritative figure at their school and they will have a better attitude during their school day.
  • Get them involved. Make the school day about more than just lessons and schoolwork. Get them enrolled in after school programs and activities like sports and clubs. By encouraging educationally-tied hobbies you’ll show your child a whole new side to school.
  • Give them a break. Kids are just as susceptible to burn out as you and I. Though after school activities are important to rearing a well-rounded child, an over-scheduled child is an unhappy child. They need their downtime even more so than adults so avoid overwhelming them and give them time to just play.