1. Keeping Your Kids Healthy and Safe Through the Summer

    Helping to Protect the Well-Being of Your Preschool Child When you're a kid, it's hard to find anything to not like about summer. Parties, pool time, summer camp and outdoor activities dominate most kids' schedules as they suddenly have free time in spades. But all this activity and free time also leaves your kid vulnerable to the health and safety hazards that the season presents. With some comm…Read More

  2. Helpful Tips to Finding a Great Summer Camp

    Ahhhhh summer. There's a part in every one of us that looks forward to the promise of life at its most leisurely pace. Something about hot summer days seem to offer just that. With summer being the season that the kid in you always wants to come out to play, its inevitable that memories of summer camp come flooding back. Extending the opportunity to revel in the good times of summer camp to your k…Read More

  3. Get Your Child to Love School

    Though we're closing in on Spring Break in many areas of the nation, many parents still struggle with getting their child out of bed in the morning; having to still prod, cajole and even bribe them into going to school. We understand. As the top-rated local® before and after school care in Milldale, Glastonbury and South Windsor, we are quite aware of those kids for whom school is just not enjoya…Read More

  4. Letting Your Kids Get Artsy with it

    Art and preschool go together like peanut butter and jelly. It's not likely that you'd find a daycare or preschool that doesn't encourage their students to spend a good portion of their day engaging in one form of art or another. And for good reason. Though it mimics playtime in a variety of ways, kids who participate in art creation are actually putting their brains and bodies to hard work. Art a…Read More