Ahhhhh summer. There’s a part in every one of us that looks forward to the promise of life at its most leisurely pace. Something about hot summer days seem to offer just that. With summer being the season that the kid in you always wants to come out to play, its inevitable that memories of summer camp come flooding back. Extending the opportunity to revel in the good times of summer camp to your kids, is just one way to not only expand their horizons but allow you the peace of mind that comes from knowing that they are well taken care of. But how do you know which summer camp will fit your kid’s personality while teaching them new skills and building special memories, while not breaking your bank? Here are our favorite tips for finding a summer camp, whether overnight or daily, for your child:

  • Match their interest – Whether your child is athletically-inclined or is obsessed with space and beyond; there’s a camp for that. Make sure that the camp you choose includes those interests and activities that will keep your kid engaged and happy to be there.
  • Decide if day or overnight camp works best for your family – Some kids just aren’t ready, either physically, mentally or emotionally, for 6 nights away from home at an overnight camp. These kids usually are best suited for day camp. Day camp provides just as many educational, music, art and sports activities as overnight camp; they are just in closer proximity to home, allowing children to spend their nights in their own beds.
  •  Consider the costs – The choice of camp usually comes down to this very influential factor. Your choice in camp, no matter its offerings, should ever strain your finances. Check out non-profit and community-based camps if private camps are out of reach for your needs.
  • Check out their credentials – Visit, tour and research each and every camp and child care facility you are considering. Find out if its accredited and what the ratings are with the Better Business Bureau. Do they have any violations against them? Are they licensed? Do they have complaints from other parents? Make sure to do your homework before sending your kid to somewhere you’re not completely familiar with.