after school care Milldale For most families these days, it is imperative that both parents work outside of the home, leaving a need for trustworthy and reliable before and after school care. Finding the right after school care program in Milldale can help your child develop new skills for both socialization and academics while building the confidence they need. Making the right choice, one that is geared toward your child’s specific needs is easier with these tips in mind:

  • Look for flexible hours. A program that helps you juggle work and family hours effectively should be flexible in what hours they are open, whether they allow part-time attendance and the payment plans available.
  • Ask about available activities. Most kids have some level of pent-up energy after a long day at school. Make sure that the after school program you are considering has a variety of outdoor activities that allow them to release this tension. Look for age-appropriate toys and sports equipment available to students and ask about snack options that help tie them over until dinner.
  • Inquire about skill-building techniques for your child’s age. A good after school child care program should be focused on more than just babysitting your child for a few hours a day. Instructors and staff should still be as focused on education and skill-building as their school teachers are. Make sure that age-appropriate activities and programs are designed to boost teamwork, leadership and cooperation skills along with fine and large muscle motor skills.
  • Look for support for individual interests. If your child has an interest in music, art, drama or dance, make sure that you choose a after school care program that supports those interests.