Do you know what your child is doing when the school bell rings at the end of the day? More than 14 million students leave school every afternoon and have nowhere to go, since they do not have access to affordable, after-school opportunities. After-school hours are the peak time for juvenile crimes and risky behaviors, including alcohol and drug use, meaning that this is a crucial time for students in South Windsor and our after school programs. After school programs make a huge difference in communities and families.

Today we’re going to take a closer look at the importance of after school programs in South Windsor.

  • After school programs strengthen schools, families, and communities.
    • Research has shown that the when families become more involved with schools, the students in those schools do better. The creation of after school programs has spurred such changes in communities.
  •  Increases academic effort and decreases likelihood of skipping school.
    • After-school programs offer the opportunity for kids to not only work on their homework but to get help if they need it. Your child may feel more comfortable working on school assignments in a slightly less formal environment where they can ask questions at any time. There are other programs that introduce kids to mathematics and the sciences, getting them excited about these subjects. This can lead to better efforts in school courses and less absent days due to skipping because the child may be more interested.
  • Fewer emotional and behavioral problems.
    • Your child can also benefit from after-school programs both emotionally and behaviorally if they feel a positive connection to other people. The relationships that are nurtured between staff and children in an after-school program help by focusing on good character traits. Your children will learn lessons like open-mindedness or how to be respectful of others because that’s what is expected of them.