What did you do after school when you were a kid? Maybe you were greeted by a family member who kept you busy after school. Maybe you were a latchkey kid who had the run of the house after school. Today, many of the options we had as children are no longer safe or viable options for our own children. Many states have laws against children being home on their own under a certain age and many families don’t have a parent or other family member who can watch our children after school. Thankfully, Foundation for Learning offers after school care at our day care in Windsor, giving your child a fun and safe option from the time school ends to the time you get off of work.

There are so many great reasons to sign your child up for our program, but here are three of our favorites:

  • They’ll have time to get additional help with schoolwork. After school hours are the perfect time to sit down and get done with homework or work on projects. Our staff can make sure your child gets additional aid with schoolwork in the subjects they may be struggling to understand, or help them work on a school project in a supportive, educational environment.
  • They’ll be safe. You’ll know where your child is at and who they are with when they come to our facility. You can focus on work while we take care of your child.
  • They’ll have fun! No more sitting around watching TV after school. We keep kids busy and entertained in our exciting facility. They’ll enjoy interacting with their peers and utilizing all the fun activities and equipment here at Foundation of Learning.

Sign your child up for the after school program at our day care in South Windsor today! Give us a call at 860-910-4145.