music is just part of the day at our preschool in South Windsor For decades in this country, we saw an unfortunate decline in music and arts education. Often the first departments to suffer budget cutbacks and restraints, the classes in arts were thought to be disposable and not necessary to the educational development of our children. Slowly however, we are seeing a resurgence of these lessons as more and more studies have shown the importance of music and arts to the total development of the student; academically, physically and socially. Music and movement classes offer the preschool child a plethora of benefits that are now being recognized as more far-reaching than initially presumed. Including music courses and time for dance and movement, music is just part of the immersion in the arts at our day care center in South Windsor as we believe in the following proven benefits outlined by child development experts during recent years:

  • Increased physical coordination and muscular development. As children become more self aware, their physical bodies are aided by dance and movement, while playing musical instruments help to develop hand/eye coordination.
  • Higher development of mental capacity for math and language. Being a language all in its own, music helps the brain develop the paths that increase the ability to understand mathematical concepts and to develop language comprehension.
  •  Higher levels of creativity. Music has been shown to encourage children to think creatively and promotes the use of an imaginary world.
  • Increased understanding of emotional outlets. Children who engage in dance or play with music find acceptable outlets for tension and the expression of feelings.